Publifix Industries is the alliance of 4 major business areas to offer you a range of possibilities in terms of internal or external communication.
A bit of history… The primary activity of our company is industrial marking, characterized by long-standing partnerships with major French industries.
Then, of course, signage and POS completed our offer.
In parallel, we have created an Innovation division that allows us to stay on top of new printing developments and to train on different processes.
Here’s how we came to offer Droptix 3D effect printing.
Zoom on this amazing process …
An animation for a bluffing effect!
The Droptix 3D effect is an animation, printed around a cropped visual, that creates an effect of movement, depth or projection to your print.
Thanks to the selective spherical varnish that acts as a lens and will therefore focus a detail giving the effect of animation.
A good way to catch the eye!