The application

The visible face of your technology.

This is the graphical interface between the process and the user. Its presentation must be perfect. It communicates the image of a technique that is often complex and invisible to the user.

The products

  • Plastic front covers (PMMA, polycarbonate, polyester…)
  • Metal front covers (aluminium, stainless steel…)
  • Adhesive front covers with or without windows
  • Embossing
  • Transparent and/or opaque ink
  • Special textured or smooth surface varnish
  • Overview
  • Stiff front covers

Domains of application by sector

Industry, medicine, electronics, household appliances, instrumentation & measurement, automobiles, aeronautics, rail, water sports …

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Publifix advantages

  • Multi-material lamination
  • Gluing on low surface-energy materials
  • Work conducted in grey rooms
  • Paint kiosks
  • Metal engraving (mechanical or laser)
  • Perfect adherence in hostile environments (high temperatures, humidity, salinity)
  • Domed stiff front covers
  • Resists: UV, thermal shocks, solvents and hydrocarbons