The application

Visual signs for identifying and directing. Informative marking is indispensable for product identification and correct product usage in order to ensure user safety in the industrial domain. Directional signage facilitates movement with due regard for good practices inherent in all industrial sectors. Informing, indicating, alerting, directing with clear and comprehensible signs is a high priority for Publifix Industries.

The products

  • Site panels (Aquilux)
  • Identification plates
  • Signage for roads, fishing, hunting
  • Safety pictograms
  • Notices
  • Safety, fire and evacuation plates

Domains of application by sector

Industry, construction and road works, authorities, safety/security…

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Publifix advantages

  • Specific inks: phosphorescent, photoluminescent, fluorescent, scratch, olfactive, glitter and erasable inks
  • Specific product: dry erasable boards
  • Stock management with partial release and delivery schedules

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