Une inventivité un ton au-dessus



Innovation is what drives our development and enriches our service offer

With Publifix Industries, you opt for innovation with new technologies to highlight your brand and products. We are permanently on the lookout for new techniques that you can be the first to use.

Publifix Industries combines the most advanced printing and cutting procedures with high standards of excellence and a daring creative touch that has been our hallmark for more than 40 years. We successfully implement projects right down to the smallest detail, and without a single false note. For example, our anti-fraud printing represents one of the facets of our company know-how.

Our customers thus enjoy the benefits of an informed and innovative view of their projects with a full walk-through from beginning to end.

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Innovative processes

High standards

Customized splashbacks

Olfactive inks

Bubble Tag security labels

Anti-radiation patches for smartphones

Cutomized pictures

Resin printing

Customized wallpapers

3D printing