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Industrial screen printing

Our flat screen printing technical allows an image to be printed through a stretched canvas, called a screen, according to the stencil principle. The colors are therefore brought one after the other.

The supports used are numerous ( PVC, polycarbonate, polyester, polypropylene, textile, metal, glass, wood, cardboard, paper, etc.).

Benefits :

  • Ecellent opacity thanks to the deposit of opaque or transparent ink with a thickness of 10 µm (ten times greater than in offset).
  • Good resistance even in demanding environments ( 3 to 10 years). The life of the marking can be increased with the addition of a varnish or a film.
  • Adaptability because works for any type of support and with a wide choice of inks.

Digital printing

The printing works on the principle of an “inkjet” printer, it prints in 4 colors (+ white) on plastic supports and is therefore perfect for photographic quality prints.

Possibility of printing high resolution graphics for large formats visible from afar or very fine and precise markings that can be used up close. The inks used are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The colors are bright and vibrant. The lifespan of the products is on average 5 years, it is extended by adding a varnish or a film.

Benefits :

  • Reduced technical costs (no calibrations, no shots, etc.)
  • Simultaneous color printing
  • Positioning in cost/number of colors
  • Extensive graphic possibilities (gradient, raster, number of colors, offset quality)
  • Reactivity
  • Personalization

Silkscreen and digital in duo

Publifix Industries develops processes that know how to make the most of both printing technical on the same support, whatever it is. A concert work masterfully carried out by regularly trained professionals.

Laser, chemical and mechanical engraving

We offer several engraving solutions to permanently mark the material.

These different processes offer varied possibilities on multipls materials (metal, plastics, wood and glass).

Cutting and finishing

We have a cutting division (laser and mechanical) and finishing (adhesive, machining, gluing, folding, protection, etc.) which allows us to manage a large number of projects in their entirety.

Commercial pole

Our sales team and our estimators are attentive to your projects and support you in finding tha best solution.

Graphic pole

Our PAO service intervenes on the control of the files, the transcription of the graphic data, the realization of the Good to press and the preparation of the files of printing and cutting.

Production division

More than 20 employees dedicated to production spread over our various activities.


Our material storage area allows us to shorten manufacturing times. We ensures the packaging and transport of finished products as soon as possible, also ensuring the traceability of your deliveries.

In measures

4 000 000€ de CA

2 600m²

45 people

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